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yesterday was a good day.. it was halloween and i didnt dress up haha. after school i went to troys and hung out there for a bit, then came home and went to pick up laura and bunda. we went to skelletones and got there at like 6:30ish haha. we walked down to four friends coffee shop which is by rosa parks circle and drank good drinks and talked. it was a good time. on our walk back, we stopped at a store called "little bohemia" its such a rad store. everything in there is imports and it rocks. i love that store. we went to vertigo and then into skelletones. the norms and look ma played, pretty good. then the fallen idols played and it rocked. i love them so much. i saw so many people at skelletones that i havent seen in so long, i love my GR friends so much, they defenitally rock. me and jim went to that store up the street from skelletones, um yeah, i had a dress on and he was dressed like a chick, and we were holding arms/hands and some bum came up and asked if we were girl friends. it was funny. we said yes and ran off. well we left skelletones around 11:00 and headed back to muskegon to go to biancas, tp3.

there were a ton of people there, it was a very good time. i had alot of fun hanging out w/ all my friends and seeing people i havent seen in a long time. the only downfall of the night was 10 minutes after i got there, troy handed me a drink, and not 2 minutes later, andy walked up to me and said "since you're drinking, dont talk to me ever again" um yeah, cool. im glad he judges me about what i do. he knows im not straight edge and he's known that the whole time he's know me. but whatever. this morning i got up and me and johnny made pasta. he cooked the pasta and i made home made cheese sauce for it. it was hella good, everyone said they liked it. well i came home around noon and now im just chilling here and cleaning kinda. i think i might dye my hair dark today, we'll see. i have to work 5-close tonight. thats all

pictures from four friends coffee house. yeah we rock

here you go bunda....new user pic, just make it smaller <3

me and laura reading articles in the new yorker which are similar to "queer eye for the straight guy" but they pertain to like iraq, gw bush, clinton and such. its good.

skelletones pics.

the guys/girls tried to pick up cars hehe

i love these frames w/ the stars



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