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mmm minute maid fruit punch <3

well i havent updated since wednesday. so i feel obligated to. wednesday night we all went to waffle cone wednesday. it was a good time, we started finalizing plans for halloween and its all good. i dropped benny off and we sat in his driveway for a while listening to green day and talking. i havent listened to that cd in a long time. thursday, yesterday, school went by ok. i had an ortho apt at 10 because on of my lil things came unglued. i hung out w/ chris then went back to school. after school i picked up benny and dell, then went to peters. tuna showed up and we hung out and went to lake harbor. we ran into zac brown and mike. it was cool. i got called into work and went in at 6:30. it wasnt so bad. i closed with jackie <3 after work went to bennys and hung out w/ him, alex, and justin murphey. went home and just chilled and went to bed. not so bad.

today is fucking NORMA JEAN, BELOVED, and FIGURE FOUR!!! we're leaving at 3pm. i have lori, and shannon in my car and we're following dustin, laura, grissom, christine, and lindsey davison. it's going to rock my fucking socks off. im pumped. tommie and levi are going too? maybe i'll see them there.

im in astronomy for 2nd hour...we had a sub so me and cece came down to the media center, im hella bored!

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