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well i got out of school yesterday after 4th hour so i could run some errands. i went out to the mall, got my check and cashed it. i had to deposit some money into my account because i over drew it. i went and picked up shannon and then we picked up lori. we met everyone in the value land parking lot and we were off to detroit. it was about 3:30 when we left.

well when we got near lansing, we ran into mass traffic jam. that kind of sucked, so that slowed down our trip. finally we were getting into detroit, traffic still kinda bad but we were only like 15 mins from the shelter. we stopped in traffic because of construction and all of a sudden i see kyle get out of dustins car and run up a hill. he had to pee. well just as he did that.....the traffic let up and we started to move, only problem was that kyle wasnt w/ us! um yeah....he got left behind, so about 5 miles up we got off on an exit and called him, thank god he had a cell phone. and we had to try to find him and shit. we tried to get a cop to go pick him up and bring him to us, but they tried to tell us that they didnt have any cop cars, um bullshit. we were in the fucking ghetto of detroit and they tried to tell us there were no cop cars. well we ended up having to back track and we found him and the proceeded to the shelter. that was some scary shit. at least he was safe. and i guess everyone called him "cousin" hmm ok =)

we got to the shelter about 8:00pm. when we got in figure four was playing. we missed ALL of beloved so that sucked really bad, and we heard 2 songs from figure four, but they were good from what i heard of the set. a little bit after norma jean came on and they fucking rocked hard. the pit was crazy. by like the second song i was sitting on the stage and after that song was done he asked us to move and he pointed me over to the "back stage" (actually side of the stage baracaded off) so i went over there and got hella good pics. i was standing w/ the guys from figure four so that was good. well norma jean played a hella short set though, only like 5 songs so that kinda sucked. well we left the shelter around 9:30 and headed to steak and shake on alpine. ate there w/ everyone and then we headed back to good ol' ske-town.

so yeah....for our 4 1/2 hour drive down there/finding grissom we were actually there for only an hour and a half. so that really sucked. nothing ever goes right when im that part of the state...last time i was even near detroit was in pontiac for warped tour and anna went to the hospital.. owell it was a good time and i dont regret it.

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